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"PythonP Color Hunter" - an advanced, undetectable color-based aimbot designed for precision and stealth in gaming.


Discover the cutting-edge of gaming assistance with PythonP Color Hunter. Engineered to perfection, this tool offers unparalleled aiming support through sophisticated image processing, hardware integration, and a user-customizable experience. Bid farewell to the detection woes of traditional aimbots and welcome a new era of competitive edge, all while maintaining the authentic feel of gameplay.

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    PythonP Software

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    Python & Arduino

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    PythonP Color Hunter


Intelligent Color-Based Targeting

PythonP Color Hunter redefines aim assistance through an intelligent color-based targeting system. By scanning the central region of a player's screen, it leverages Python’s 'mss' library for rapid screenshot acquisition. The software then crops these screenshots based on user-defined dimensions and applies advanced color filtering algorithms. This process pinpoints enemy locations in relation to the crosshair, enabling precise targeting without direct game memory manipulation, a common detection point for anti-cheat systems.

Hardware-Assisted Mouse Movement

This aimbot's standout feature is its undetectable mouse movement technique. Instead of sending typical software-based mouse commands, PythonP Color Hunter communicates directly with an Arduino Leonardo using a serial connection. This microcontroller is flashed with specialized code that interprets incoming data and translates it into authentic mouse movements. This method skirts common anti-cheat detection mechanisms, which are on the lookout for artificial mouse movements.

USB Host Shield Integration

To avoid detection from the simultaneous use of two mice—a synthetic one and the player's actual device—PythonP Color Hunter employs a USB host shield. This ingenious addition allows the user's real mouse movements to be passed through the Arduino, merging them with the aimbot's precision adjustments. Such integration not only prevents the system from being flagged for using multiple input devices but also supports the functionality of macro buttons from major gaming mouse brands, including Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, and more.

Customization and User Interface

At the interface level, PythonP Color Hunter offers a highly customizable user experience. The GUI, crafted with PySide, provides a sleek, intuitive interface that allows users to adjust every aspect of the software, from color sensitivity to custom HSV sliders for pinpoint accuracy. The addition of Bezier curves to the aim routes introduces non-linear movement patterns, enhancing the natural appearance of the aimbot's actions.

Configurable Hotkey Presets

Flexibility during gameplay is crucial. PythonP Color Hunter features a configuration system that lets users save settings to function keys for quick access. Players can switch between various aiming modes, such as different offsets for shotguns or rifles, mid-combat without opening a menu. Each mode switch is accompanied by customizable beep sounds for auditory confirmation.

Dual-PC Support and OBS NDI Compatibility

For those seeking an extra layer of protection, PythonP Color Hunter supports a dual-PC setup, where the aimbot runs on a secondary PC. This setup utilizes OBS NDI, a technology that enables the capture and transfer of display data over a network, allowing for aimbot functionality without direct interaction on the main gaming PC. The secondary machine captures the gameplay via OBS, processes it, and the Arduino Due executes the aimbot’s commands, maintaining a clean primary system.

Enhanced Hardware Spoofing Techniques

To ensure the complete indistinguishability of the aimbot system, Arduino Due’s device descriptors are spoofed so that it is recognized as a legitimate mouse by the primary PC. This sophisticated approach eliminates the risk of detection through communication port monitoring, a common method employed by advanced anti-cheat systems.

Fully Customizable No Recoil System

Among its versatile features, PythonP Color Hunter includes a highly customizable no recoil system. This system allows players to maintain steady aim and precision by automatically adjusting the crosshair after each shot to counteract the gun's recoil, ensuring shots remain on target without manual correction.

Rage Mode and Specialized Combat Features

For those moments when stealth takes a backseat to sheer firepower, PythonP Color Hunter offers a dedicated 'Rage' section. This mode includes more overt features tailored for aggressive gameplay. Key among these is the 'Flickbot' feature, which performs a rapid flick to the target location and executes a single, precise shot designed to eliminate the enemy instantly.

Another advanced feature within this mode is 'Silent Aim.' Similar to Flickbot, Silent Aim takes it a step further by instantly returning the crosshair to its original position after firing. This action is executed so swiftly that it appears as if the mouse has not moved, maintaining the illusion of normal gameplay while executing lethal shots.

Extensive Feature Set

Beyond these highlighted capabilities, PythonP Color Hunter boasts a plethora of additional functionalities designed to enhance the gaming experience across various scenarios. Each feature is thoughtfully integrated, providing users with extensive customization options and dedicated keybindings, ensuring that all tools are just a keystroke away. While time does not permit detailing every feature, the program's expansive suite assures adaptability to virtually any gaming requirement or style.


PythonP Color Hunter is not merely an aimbot; it is a comprehensive system that ensures high-performance targeting with an emphasis on stealth and adaptability. This program reflects a deep understanding of gaming mechanics, anti-cheat technologies, and the nuances of hardware and software synergy, resulting in an indispensable tool for competitive gamers.

Login System and Subscription Management

Comprehensive Account Management

The PythonP Color Hunter comes equipped with a sophisticated login system, entirely crafted in-house, which underpins a multifaceted subscription model. This system is designed to manage user access levels and features based on their subscription tier.

Subscription Tiers and Feature Access

Within this framework, users are categorized into tiers such as 'Premium' and 'Standard.' Premium subscribers gain exclusive access to advanced features, including the dual-PC system, providing them with an additional layer of security and capability. Standard users benefit from the core functionalities suitable for single-PC use. Attempting to utilize features outside one's subscription prompts an upgrade notification, ensuring fair usage and incentivizing account upgrades.

Hardware Subscription Validation

A unique aspect of the subscription system is its integration with the hardware component. When a user attempts to connect an Arduino Due, the program checks their subscription status. If the user possesses only a default subscription, it advises them to upgrade to unlock the hardware's full potential.

Security Measures within the Login Framework

Beyond managing subscriptions, the login system incorporates several layers of security. One of these is an encrypted 'ping pong' communication protocol with the central server, which verifies the program's version and synchronizes the current time. This ensures that only the latest, authenticated version of the program is operational and any network anomalies that could indicate tampering lead to the program’s self-deactivation.

Thread Monitoring and Redundant Security

To fortify against reverse engineering efforts, the system runs a background thread that monitors the integrity of the 'ping pong' communication. Should this thread be neutralized or become unresponsive, a secondary security layer activates, checking the health of the primary thread and maintaining the defense against unauthorized breaches. This redundancy is critical in preserving the robustness of the system.

Virtual Machine and Unauthorized Software Detection

The PythonP Color Hunter features robust security protocols to maintain system integrity and enforce compliance. It includes a comprehensive check for virtual machines (VMs) to prevent the program from running in a potentially unsafe or monitored environment, which could be used to dissect its operation. Furthermore, it scans for forbidden software that users might employ to reverse engineer or tamper with the aimbot's functionality.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alert System

Each user login triggers an immediate notification that is logged through a secure Discord webhook, implemented via the program's website. This real-time alert system enables me to monitor user activity closely. The webhook provides detailed login reports and is sensitive to the presence of blacklisted programs. If such a program is detected during a user's session, an alert is sent out, allowing me to take swift and decisive action, which may include user bans to safeguard the platform.

Proactive Protection and Compliance Enforcement

These preemptive security measures ensure that PythonP Color Hunter is used responsibly and within the bounds of its intended purpose. The system's capability to log each login to a centralized monitoring point reflects a commitment to proactive protection and strict compliance, essential in maintaining the software's integrity and the trust of its user base.

Streamlined Subscription Sales and Passive Income

The incorporation of this login system is not just a technical triumph but also a business strategy. It enables the straightforward sale of subscription keys, facilitating a stream of passive income. This approach to software monetization is both user-friendly and secure, providing peace of mind for both the developer and the end-users.

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