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Introducing the Freedom CC Timesheet website, a comprehensive platform designed to enhance the management of employees and job tracking for Freedom Concrete Cutting, a premier concrete cutting and demolition company in Riverside. This website allows employees to clock in and out using tablets provided by the company, view job details, and input their roles, ensuring accurate location-based logging of hours. Administrators can easily access submitted data for efficient payroll processing, making the Freedom CC Timesheet website an essential tool for seamless operations.


Experience seamless employee management and job tracking with the Freedom CC Timesheet website. This advanced platform allows Freedom Concrete Cutting to efficiently manage clock-ins and clock-outs, track job details, and log employee roles and locations accurately. With features like automatic hour calculation and real-time data access for payroll processing, the Freedom CC Timesheet website ensures smooth and efficient operations. It's the ultimate solution for precise and effective time management in the concrete cutting industry.

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    Freedom Concrete Cutting

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    Fullstack Website & Database

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    Freedom CC Timesheet Website

Comprehensive Employee and Job Management System

Centralized Job Management

The platform offers a centralized system for managing active and inactive jobs. Administrators can add new projects, edit job details, deactivate, and delete jobs as needed. This centralized approach ensures that all job-related information is easily accessible and manageable.

Accurate Time Logging and Role Tracking

Employees can log in on company-provided tablets to clock in and out for specific jobs. The system captures their location, preventing discrepancies in logged hours. Employees can also specify their roles, such as laborer or mini x operator, ensuring accurate tracking of work performed.

Job Details and Location-Based Logging

The website displays detailed job information uploaded by the admin the night before. This includes job location, tasks, and requirements. By logging employees' locations, the system ensures that time records are accurate and verifiable.

Signature and Image Capture

Employees can upload images of the job site and provide signatures to verify work completion. This feature enhances accountability and provides visual proof of job progress and completion.

Automated Payroll Processing

The platform automatically calculates hours worked and prepares the data for payroll processing. This automation reduces administrative burden and ensures timely and accurate payroll management.

Real-Time Monitoring and Data Access

Administrators can access real-time data on employee hours and job progress. This transparency allows for effective monitoring and quick decision-making, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience

The intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set ensure a seamless user experience. Employees and administrators can easily navigate the system, perform necessary tasks, and access relevant information without hassle.


The Freedom CC Timesheet website is an advanced platform for managing job details and employee time tracking. With its automated processes, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive job management features, it ensures efficient operations, accurate payroll processing, and a superior user experience for Freedom Concrete Cutting.

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